What Tools can Assist with my Employee Management?

Updated: Mar 19

Here are five different forms of employee management software that will help you handle your employees more effectively:

1. Tools for Human Resources Management

HR management program is also important for someone who wishes to incorporate successful workforce management. HR software allows you to centralize employee info, helping you to streamline HR processes and make smarter decisions.

Onboarding new employees, handling salaries and insurance, and other HR tasks are all made easier with apps like zoho people and kiss flow. Human Resources consultants and HR filing models can also be available via these tools.

2. Tools for Human Resources Management

To ensure that their job runs seamlessly, the staff must remain in regular touch. That's why investing in an app that will help you and your team connect easily is important.

Hive, Slack and Monday are chat apps that allow the team to connect and exchange data. These apps also have project-specific platforms and integrations with other apps to make the collaboration process more effective.

3. Sharing Tools

One of the most important facets of workforce management is keeping everybody on the same page. You can easily keep others posted and up to date with project updates using cloud-based file sharing tools.

Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox are examples of cloud storage tools that allow your team members to work on the go. These applications allow your staff to share some form of file and collaborate on projects.

4. Project Management Tools

Project management software aids in the efficient management of tasks and personnel. To ensure that everything goes according to plan, you should redistribute assignments, delegate objects, and reschedule events.

Users of project management software such as ClickUp and Trello can build assignments, plan projects, and set deadlines to ensure that their work is completed on time. Most of these tools also have a smartphone app to assist you with staying organized when on the move.

5. Employee management and Productivity monitoring

A core part of employee management is effectively understanding what is happening without micromanaging or intruding on user privacy.

You should know what tasks they are working on, how long they spend on each task, and how active they are.

Fortunately, performance management software such as AutomaticAudit was created specifically for this purpose.

What’s AutomaticAudit?

AutomaticAudit is a versatile Productivity-tracking application that is used by companies such as Apple and Verizon. It will make it simple to keep track of your employees' results.

Here's how AutomaticAudit can assist you in managing the workforce.

1. Simplified Monitoring

Do you know why the majority of workers refuse to use time clocks?

They're too difficult to use!

AutomaticAudit, on the other hand, is extremely simple to comprehend and use.

All a user has to do is start the timer by typing in the task they're working on. AutomaticAudit would then silently monitor what they're doing in the background. When the user is done, they can press the same button to stop the timer.

That's what there is to it!

2.Defends Against Idleness

Are you worried that your workers are misrepresenting idle time as work time?

Don't be that way!

AutomaticAudit comes with a built-in tracker for keeping track of idle time. The timer will automatically stop if no keyboard or mouse operation has occurred in the previous three minutes. This way, the workers won't be able to claim their free time as work time.

AutomaticAudit does not track which keys were pressed for privacy reasons. It just keeps track of whether any keys were pressed.

3. Effectively Manages Distractions

You can't have your workers watching cat videos on YouTube during work hours, right?

You won't have to think about that with AutomaticAudit!

AutomaticAudit has a distraction control function that detects when the employees use social media or other non-productive websites while at work. The app then asks the user if they're still operating in a popup.

This gentle prodding is typically adequate to bring users back to work.

You can also select and choose which places are categorized as unproductive.

4. Use Dashboards to understand employee productivity and for employee management

AutomaticAudit generates comprehensive data that shows you how your personnel spend their time at work. BOOK DEMO TO SEE MORE


Employee management is an important part of every company's strategy for increasing profits. Know the intellectual resources is the company's most valuable commodity. It's up to the company's leadership and community to tap into that talent.

About AutomaticAudit

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All whilst respecting user privacy

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