What is an Executive Information system?

Updated: Mar 19

An Executive Information System (EIS) is a type of decision support system (DSS) that is used in businesses to assist executives in making decisions. It accomplishes this by making valuable data readily available to an organization's strategic objectives. The majority of EISs provide graphical screens with a user-friendly GUI (User Interface).

Executive information systems may be used to monitor business success as well as recognise opportunities and challenges in a variety of organisations.

Early executive information systems were built on mainframe computers as computer-based programs to provide a company's senior executives with a summary, sales results, and/or market research data. Executives, on the other hand, were not always computer literate or optimistic. Furthermore, EIS data supported only executive-level decisions, which did not generally benefit the business or enterprise as a whole.

Current EIS data is accessible across the business or enterprise through local area networks (LANs), which are facilitated by personal computers and workstations. Employees have access to company data to aid in decision-making in their offices, agencies, and branches, among other things. This allows workers to share important knowledge and ideas both above and below their company's level.

Senior managers should use executive support systems to help them make unscheduled strategic management decisions. Such data is often external, unstructured, and even ambiguous. The precise scope and meaning of such data are often unknown in advance.

This data for Executive information systems are generally based on:

  1. Financial intelligence

  2. Business intelligence

  3. IT data

Advantages of Executive information systems

  • Makes Trends apparent to management

  • Improvement of corporate performance

  • Streamline business understanding and processes

  • helps decision-making

  • Simple to use by senior executives

  • Better reporting method

  • Improved office efficiency

  • Help and Development of managerial leadership skills

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