The Executive Golden Rule

Updated: Mar 19

Imagine your organisation and employees in a very productive environment. Imagine your business, breaking boundaries whilst everything goes according to plan.

What does it resemble and how do you get there? (believe it or not it is innate)

Lets create a comparison to parenting, When parenting 100% of one love and affection goes to the child, this allows the child to grow and reach his full potential, Shouldn't employees be children to executives?

Imagine a parent telling his child: “you weren't 100% this year we don't want you anymore," imagine the child living with that fear. Employees and Children look up to you for the support and security, If you give them that they will excel.

That knowledge is innate, An executive can only be a leader if he takes care of his employees. and there is great technology to help do just that

Cutting edge technology can give you actual data on your people without micromanaging them, so as a leader you can save money and time.

What does it mean for you as a leader?

  1. You can understand your team from a bird's eye point of view that was never before possible.

  2. You can lead with emotional intelligence, actionable steps, and a clear vision.

  3. You can save your organization crucial time and money.

  4. Innovate and take your business to the next level

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Use A.I. to Automatically Audit your organisational effort & efficiency with automated project-specific timesheets. AutomaticAudit's At-a-glance Executives Dashboards map out your organisation to help Remote Employee Management, Productivity Monitoring, Timesheet automation, and more…

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