Some Benefits of Productivity Monitoring and Employee Management with TeamAudit

1. Improves your Workflows Efficiency and Motivation

An employee who feels unappreciated will feel indifferent towards their work. That’s why making your workers feel valued can significantly improve employee productivity.

An employee management system helps you connect with your employees on a personal level and get their feedback over various business policies and processes.

This helps them believe that their opinions are valued and taken into account when making business decisions. This, in turn, improves employee engagement as they now feel like they have a say in the company!

2. Get a deeper understanding of employee effort

Forget money and cost, your employees are what make your company. It's not that we lack trust, it's that we want to be able to aid, help and direct in a positive way without micromanaging and wasting their time and yours. We all know that long meetings to go through how and what employees do is usually unproductive and a huge waste of time and effort.

Automatic audit will give any manager the ability to understand what's going on in the organization, Without invading user privacy. It will help when it comes to:

  1. Balancing the amount of work every employee has in the organization

  2. Understanding who is working on what project

  3. How much effort each project has received.

  4. Allow you to understand what your most productive workers are doing in order to direct workers who are struggling.

  5. Allow your management to make sure every employee gets the help and training that they need if they need it because only with this tool will you find out that an employee needs training if he is too embarrassed to tell you

And much more...

2. Improves your Workflows Efficiency

You'll have no trouble streamlining workflows if you handle your staff well nd use the correct tools; AutomaticAudit’s TeamAudit.

Consider these factors, where you will be willing to:

  • Hire people who know how to get the work done productively.

  • Easily track their activities to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that they are trained to be as productive as need be.

  • Maintain effective communication with employees to ensure that they are aware of project requirements.

  • Congratulate and keep them in the loop to keep them motivated.

  • Intervene efficiently when things don't go as planned.

This way, you'll have the right staff and processes in place to ensure that everything runs easily.

About AutomaticAudit

Use A.I. to Automatically Audit your organisational effort & efficiency with automated project-specific timesheets. AutomaticAudit's At-a-glance Executives Dashboards map out your organisation to help Remote Employee Management, Productivity Monitoring, Timesheet automation, and more…

All whilst respecting user privacy

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