Productivity Monitoring and Employee Management Tools are designed to avoid micromanagement

AutomaticAudits Employee management tools and productivity monitoring tools have been designed and created in order to help the managers understand what's going on to help them manage employees by understanding productivity without intruding on employee privacy. In order for this to happen real time productivity tracking and monitoring must occur.

Why does real time Productivity Monitoring matter to your business?

Productivity Monitoring is one of the most critical aspects in either company or business activity. Starting from small food stalls to tech giants and factories, proper process and Productivity Monitoring are critical. A real-time data-driven management system will allow the company to make decisions, adjust business plans, organise teams, and manage revenue streams.

For example: if you're running a small business food joint, you have to control how many existing stock you have with you, how many people come on what day and what time, what's your average daily billing value & festivals plus more. This will encourage you to schedule your order in advance, you would raise the number of your employees at special festivals, where you need SMS and other marketing services to recruit locals, when you need to get new goods to the market while competing with strong competition. That will be the same thing with a big IT corporation or another manufacturing company.

And sure that you should not equate tracking with micromanagement in real time.

While reading this, you might think that Productivity Monitoring is close to micromanagement, when you are sucking data in a fast timeframe and want to respond to it. However, no, it needs time to follow the method and you have to offer it.

Real-time analytics will encourage you to see the differences you create with your management processes and the things you do with your company.

Often, you can not take fast action by gathering data quickly, comparing it with the previous data and patterns.

About AutomaticAudit

Use A.I. to Automatically Audit your organisational effort & efficiency with automated project-specific timesheets. AutomaticAudit's At-a-glance Executives Dashboards map out your organisation to help Remote Employee Management, Productivity Monitoring, Timesheet automation, and more…

All whilst respecting user privacy

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