Company efficiency during the Pandemic

Updated: Mar 19

What is Time Analysis software and what are its benefits?

The pandemic’s growth has changed the way we work. Individuals, teams, and firms have chosen to operate remotely. Remote work has become the new normal, and will continue after the virus has gone away but companies have failed to adapt. To understand what is happening to your business, the implementation of time analysis software has become imperative.

People are at the heart of every company. What are these workers coping with in the midst of a big company disruption? We need to learn new ways to work and handle the remote workforce. To help evolve, we need to provide our staff with the best instruments and tools like AutomaticAudit.

Time Analysis software improves productivity and profitability.

While it sounds easy, getting employees to work on more efficient tasks is no simple feat. Organizations today do not have the tool set in place to recognize profitable everyday jobs and when push comes to shove, they are always very surprised by how much time is wasted on administrative or non-productive tasks or non-billable activities when they introduce Time Analysis software like AutomaticAudit.

Reduce Project Costs with efficient Time Analysis software.

A safe way to boost profitability is to ensure that you are carrying out profitable projects for organisations operating large quantities of projects, is to have Time Analysis software. It is important to understand project progress and to obtain an accurate up-to-date view of project costs and profits in order to understand whether a project is profitable.

Time Analysis software puts you in full charge of how you manage your projects. You can understand user time at a task level in order to manage the project. This helps the project manager conduct a comprehensive analysis of each project to understand progress to date, the real cost vs. expected to date, and current profitability.

This can all be done Automatically with no manual timesheets with AutomaticAudit.

What about Privacy?

AutomaticAudit is the only GDPR compliant time analysis platform that concentrates on user privacy. We can fully mask the identity of all employees thus helping managers focus on business data.

The prospects of success are grim unless companies invest in a top-class AI driven Time Analysis Management Platforms such as AutomaticAudit.

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