5 Tactics to Keep the Remote Teams Driven

Updated: Mar 19

You're not alone in finding it difficult to manage the squad from a distance. My previous company had workers in New York, Berlin, and San Francisco who worked remotely as well as in the workplace. It took years of practise to perfect the art of forming a successful distributed team.

Fortunately, there are a few main techniques that can assist you in making the switch to or improving your remote setup. They've been crucial to my most recent venture, a gaming business, in which we work entirely from home.


If the team understands why they're doing something, they'll be more motivated to complete it. This entails articulating a compelling work vision. What impact will your business have on the planet, and why is everyone's work important?

It can seem straightforward, but when working remotely, this basic mission-oriented communication may be overlooked. You lose the physical, human-to-nudges to communicate the larger picture when you don't see your workers in the workplace.

This isn't something you can just say once and then forget about. To ensure that your team gathers behind the task, you must communicate often.


Daily feedback is crucial for keeping the team engaged, in addition to mission-oriented communication. It certainly aids in the alignment of priorities and goals. More importantly, it shows the staff that you care for their work and professional growth, encouraging them to take chances and pursue new ways, all of which can further inspire the team.

When working remotely, it's easy to overlook suggestions. Feedback can be forgotten if you're out of sight. Keep your wits about you and serve as a mentor to your teammates. Continually have suggestions on how they can improve.


When transitioning to a remote work environment, think about how to keep the company culture intact. Although nothing can replace water cooler talk or lunch with co-workers, there are other ways to ensure that your employees feel culturally linked.

In a remote setup, you have the opportunity to go above and beyond in terms of recognition. You could send

email to the whole team, compiling shoutouts every week or two. Make them feel appreciated the way they are!


Micromanagement is a huge risk while working from home. Managers may suddenly feel compelled to keep on top of everyone's work and may send slack messages for updates on a regular basis.

To keep your development team engaged, continue to give them decision-making authority and demonstrate your confidence in them.

By the way, one of the greatest ways to understand what’s going on without micromanagement is AutomaticAudit. It gives you the at-a-glance understanding of what’s going on, so you don’t have to worry and resort to micromanagement.

5. Breaks

We discovered that in a remote environment, many members of our team would struggle to distinguish between work and personal life, resulting in fatigue. To deal with this, we started enforcing a break policy. We now end our meetings 5 to 10 minutes early and invite our employees to play solitaire, one of the games we've developed.

It might seem to be an odd policy, but it serves two purposes: it forces our team to disconnect, and we discovered that solitaire is simple, enjoyable, and non-addictive. It has proven to be a successful strategy. Our team stays energised all day thanks to these intermittent breaks. "Game time," we'll say at the end of meetings.

Consider how you would be able to design a method that incorporates breaks. The discipline will keep your team focused and inspired, not just because it's fun.

Progress takes time

It's easy to overlook the value of thoughtful communication, input, community, and empowerment when you're not around your development team. You can switch the team to a remote setup and be more inspired than ever before with a little effort.

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