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​If you are an integrator and/or reseller, we would be extremely happy partner with you. We will be as generous as possible and promise to pay as high as possible.


Add AutomaticAudit to your portfolio to grow your business by introducing the best of breed in cloud or on prem business analytics tools. Get hands-on experience with your employees and offer level one support to earn more with us.

Managed Service Providers

Add AutomaticAudit to your suite of products to get the best of breed in endpoint analytics equipment. Offer your customers a customized, robust company monitoring  that integrates seamlessly into your existing environment. This system is well priced and well equipped to solve all your needs as quickly and in depth as possible.


​Bring us a client, open doors or resell our solution and we will be as generous as possible; We promise to pay above and beyond as we understand that this is your business to! We will give as much help and support as we can along the way.

Once in contact with the customer, we will manage the interactions, the distribution pipeline, installations and do all the support. All whilst you get paid. 

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