Subjective & Non-Intrusive
Business Time Analysis

AutomaticAudit has patented and created Time Intelligence Tools that leverage A.I. to automatically provide a subjective & non-intrusive assessment of:

Time Allocation, Time Efficiency and Time Usage, 
for Employees, Departments & Projects.


All this whilst completely protecting user privacy. 


"AutomaticAudit' Time Intelligence Platforms allows managers to monetise the organisations' time without interfering in the private lives of employees "


How can we help

your company? 

We help you manage your companies' time without interfering and completely automatically in the background.

Who do we help?

Managers not IT personnel. Specifically those who have to manage rather than intrude.

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TeamAudit is a suite of management tools which allow you to make a non intrusive assessment of time allocation usage and efficiency of your organisation, its departments and employees. 

Time Audit white transparent.png

TimeAudit is a suite of management and automation tools which allow you to objectively assess how much time you have invested in any business endeavour. 

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