Frequently Asked Questions

Does the agent slow down the endpoints?

The agent was designed to be so minimal that the endpoint will not feel its presence at all.

What makes us different to other tracking tools?

AutomaticAudit pride itself in being the easiest of breed. This ethical AI solution is the most comprehensive and simplest tool on the market, because we aim to attract managers who don't need to be engineers, we also dont infringe on privacy of your employees. Don't believe us? sign up for a demo

What platforms are AutomaticAudit compatible with?

AutomaticAudit functions on Windows OS and Server.

Is the agent visible on the endpoints?

The AutomaticAudit Agent is not visible on any of the end points.

Is the installation stage painful?

The installation is very quick and effortless, after the main setup is installed, the endpoints are spread in an automated fashion.

We include comprehensive guidance about how to mount AutomaticAudit Agents utilizing a number of widely used installation methods.

How secure is the data Team Audit collects and stores in the cloud and on-prem?

All Team Audit data is encrypted at rest and in motion for all deployment options regardless. It’s your data, and its secure.

How much storage do I need for this solution?

This completely depends on configuration options however we have devised the system to store as much in as little space as possible. We will be happy to calculate this type of calculation with you and we promised you will be surprised to hear the answer... note that we store metadata indefinitely and remove the heavy data in a First In First Out manner.

How much bandwidth do the agents consume?

Each endpoint under regular pressures and regular usages will not upload more than 10kb/s.

Will AutomaticAudit be stopped by AntiViruses?

In most instances, the antivirus program acknowledges AutomaticAudit as genuine software and does not interfere with it. We collaborate with all leading AV security vendors to ensure that we are antivirus-friendly. Contact us if you need any assistance!

Will the AutomaticAudit Agent continue to log, track and execute while offline?

Indeed, the AutomaticAudit Agent can proceed to monitor and follow all guidelines and policies. As the device reconnects to the network, the AutomaticAudit Agent uploads the user session records (and throttles to ensure that the network bandwidth effect is minimal).

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