Frequently Asked Questions

How is Team Audit licensed?

Team Audit is licensed per-endpoint for all installation types. When you sign up, you can choose a monthly, annual or perpetual licence.

Is Team Audit terribly expensive?

Team Audit has packages for every organisation. Please see the: price page.

How's Team Audit priced? Are discounts available?

Team Audit solutions are licensed on a monthly yearly or perpetual pricing model. We simply charge according to number of endpoints. We have discounts available for volume purchasing: the more you buy the higher discount we can give.

What payment options do you accept?

Online we accept all bank cards and PayPal. If you wish to purchase the solution with a direct bank transfer please contact us so we can send you an invoice with the appropriate bank details.

How much does support cost if we opt for a permanent subscription? Does it include upgrades?

Support will be a standard 12% of the purchasing fee to be paid at the beginning of year 2 and ever year after. This includes all bug fixes and minor upgrades and 100% support.

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