Frequently Asked Questions

How should I get started?

To get a better idea of the platform and various use cases the first thing to do is shedule a demo. If you want to play around with the system more, we can give you access to a sandbox.

Can I get some support during my trial?

We have Customer Engineers standing by to address any concerns you might have and to assist you in guidelines and other unique specifications to fulfil any criteria. Contact us so we can get underway.

Can I get a trial version?

AutomaticAudit can provide customers with a sandbox, which will allow users to test all system functionality before purchase. Please contact us!

Can I stay in touch with you if I have some technical or purchasing questions?

We 're only an email or phone call apart! Simply reach out and ask us for a call or email with your questions, and we'll get back to you as fast as we can!

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