Frequently Asked Questions

What is employee monitoring?

Employee monitoring collects all digital behaviour in order to analyse patterns and calculate productivity. With Team Audits configurable productivity algorithm software, it becomes easy to comprehend where the organisations time is going.

What makes us different to other tracking tools?

Team Audit pride itself in being the easiest of breed. This ethical AI solution is the most comprehensive and simplest tool on the market we do all the heavy thinking, because we aim to attract managers who don't need to be engineers, don't believe us? sign up for a demo

Is employee monitoring legal?

Employee surveillance is legal and bears no limitations in most countries. In rare cases, limits on what you are tracking or documenting can apply; please check with your compliance counsel to ensure that you fully conform with your regulatory requirements. HOWEVER please note that We have kept user Privacy in mind since the day we wrote the first line of Team Audit code. We can differentiate between Profesional and time off automatically without having to disclose private and sensitive information and if there is any tweaking that you need for compliance reasons, we will happily do it. Contact us to find out more.

Is it possible to measure employee productivity?

Our dynamic and configurable productivity algorithm allows you to decide how you want to assess productivity. We monitor the metrics that matter to at a glance understand what it is that a manager needs to understand without getting bogged down in useless data. The system automatically understands what the user is doing, and it will display this data in the most user-friendly manner available today. However, seeing is believing, so why don’t you book a demo?

Can I monitor the documents employees print?

Team Audit watch and report all print requests, and automatically using word analysis Artificial intelligence tools asses what kind of printing is made. Printed paper can be displayed in its entirety.

Can I monitor the websites employees are surfing on?

<h5 class="font_5">This is absolutely possible, however not recommended as people spend a lot of time surfing for work. Team Audit can learn what users are doing and analyse only what the users are looking at, in order to get a more precise understanding of what is going on. Additionally, this data can be automatically fed through our machine learning algorithms to tell you how your time is being spent.</h5>

Can the Emails be monitored

Complete email tracking features are included in our program. The device collects all details when workers send or receive e-mails, including attachments, message text and details about the addressee. This option is available on all email channels including Gmail , Yahoo, Inbox, Lotus Notes and more.

Can Team Audit data be used as forensic evidence?

In the unfortunate event that this is needed, Team Audit can supply courts with necessary data to be used as evidence.

How can i request a demo?

You can schedule a demo here.

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