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Reduce wasted resources, multiply efficiency and growth without invading employee privacy.


AutomaticAudit lets you quickly understand your Departments & Projects by leveraging A.I. Cost Intelligence Tools that provide subjective & non-intrusive assessment of: Effort Allocation & Efficiency

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AutomaticAudit has a nice feel to it and looks like it will handle all our time management and billable hours needs for the various clients and projects we have underway. Super easy to use and at a fraction of the cost. No brainer really. 

DB Teck, CFO

Seriously impressive software and one for  HR and upper managements tool box. Understanding spent the productivity levels of the employee and where they are spending their time is critical.  AutomaticAudit will be a force in this area into the future. 

Vinson Company, CEO

When the market is full of over priced and over complicated employee productivity and monitoring tools its nice to see there is something new on the market which address the time auditing and team auditing function in tandem for management to understand where the time was spent is being spent and will bee spent in the future. 
AutomaticAudit is the answer seemingly. 


- Unique Metrics

- Quick ROI

- Instant Business Remediation Plan

- Built for Management

- Non-Intrusive – GDPR compliant


- Monitor Project Costs 

- Estimate Future Costs

- Forecast Human Resources

- Calculate Productivity

- Monitor Workloads

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TeamAudit is a suite of management tools which allow you to make a non intrusive assessment of effort allocation usage and efficiency of your organisation, its departments and employees. 

Time Audit white transparent.png

TimeAudit is a suite of management and automation tools which allow you to objectively assess how much time you have invested in any business endeavour.