Executive Information Systems

Ditch the Manual Grind of employee reviews and timesheets to Work Smarter, Not Harder. Know what’s happening in your organisation whilst respecting privacy


Save your and your employees time for what’s really important using AI-based capture technology coupled with automatic reporting that helps you work better, faster, and with more informed insights.

AutomaticAudit provide executives dashboards to manage employees, departments and companies by analysing a gigantic data sheet from hundreds of endpoints.


What is AutomaticAudit?

AutomaticAudit is a productivity monitoring and employee management system founded by executives who were looking for a way to help make their company exceptional all while preserving employee privacy.



Why is AutomaticAudit special?

AutomaticAudit is able to understand exactly what is happening on every computer in an organisation and report the only the relevant data back to management; automatically instantly and privately.




How does AutomaticAudit’s technology work?

We collect all company digital activity and organise it to give only relevant data back to employers.

Our artificial intelligence does more than flag simple keywords. AutomaticAudit’s algorithm analyses language and is trained to recognize the ever-evolving nuances of workplace environment.

We’ve developed our systems with state-of-the-art security technologies, and we’re proud to report that we’re compliant with more privacy regulations than are legally required of us — and that we’ve never had a data breach of any kind.



AutomaticAudit’s Coverage

AutomaticAudit is able to collect data from professional work platforms as browsers as well as texts, chat, email, streaming platforms, and all cloud drives. And because we know that employees communicate with more than just words, we also monitor images, text within images and video.


How AutomaticAudit Started

AutomaticAudit was founded by managers looking for a way to understand their company activity while preserving employee privacy. When we discovered that no such tool existed, we created one themselves. We understand that managing with technology is hard — after all, we’re the first generation of Executives to have employees who are so connected. Because of this, everything we do is guided by our perspective as Executives trying to guide employees in the digital age.





How AutomaticAudit Respects Employees’ Privacy

Everyone in a modern organisation live and thrive with technology – private and work life is more entwined than ever— which is why we don’t give Executives unfettered access to their employees’ digital activities like every other employee monitoring system. Instead, AutomaticAudit only shows Executives a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in the organisation for the executive to know where to pay attention. Employees can keep their privacy, and Executives can save time by not having to scroll through every message. We also have strenuous safeguards in place to protect your company’s data.





How can AutomaticAudit Help Me?

Move beyond traditional time keeping and billing methodologies. AutomaticAudit provides a comprehensive Dashboard that helps organisations improve their timekeeping practices to improve understanding and awareness, and free employees from mundane time-recording tasks. It automatically captures billable and non-billable work effort while ensuring employee privacy.